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Travel brings joy to people. It broadens their horizons and increases their knowledge. That is why we see many thinkers have traveled to different places to gain knowledge and keep their minds active. Everyone should travel regularly to escape the tiredness of busy life. While traveling abroad may be on everyone’s wish list, there are many places and attractions in our own country that are no less than those abroad. One such attraction is the 201 Dome Mosque in Dakshin Pathalia village of Gopalpur Upazila in Tangail district.

The 201 Dome Mosque is a unique and iconic structure that has made its place in the history of mosques around the world. It is the largest mosque in Bangladesh and has a capacity of over 3,000 worshippers. The mosque is notable for its 201 white domes, which give it its name. It also has nine minarets, each of which is 451 feet tall.

201 dome mosque in Bangladesh travel guide
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The 201 Dome Mosque is a popular tourist destination in Bangladesh. Visitors can admire the mosque’s architecture, its large capacity, and its peaceful atmosphere. The mosque is also a place of worship for Muslims from all over the country.


The 201 Dome Mosque in Bangladesh stands as an iconic and renowned religious structure globally. Situated in the South Pathalia Village of Nagda Shimla Union in Gopalpur Upazila, Tangail District, this mosque has gained fame for its exceptional architectural features. It proudly holds the distinction of having the highest number of domes and the second tallest minarets among all mosques worldwide.

 Construction of the 201 dome Mosque in Bangladesh

Under the initiative of the Rafiqul Islam Welfare Trust, the construction of the 201 Dome Mosque commenced in 2013. The founder chairman’s mother, Rizia Khatun, had the honor of laying the foundation stone for this significant undertaking. The mosque’s construction is estimated to require an investment of around 100 crore rupees, demonstrating the substantial financial commitment made towards bringing this remarkable architectural project to fruition.

The 201 dome mosque is a major project that is expected to attract visitors from all over the world. It is a symbol of the Islamic faith and the strength of the Bangladeshi people.

Architecture of the 201 Dome Mosque in Bangladesh

  • The 201 dome mosque is a large and impressive mosque located in Bangladesh. It is a unique and beautiful building that is a blend of traditional and modern Islamic architecture. The mosque was designed by architect Mrinmoy Adhikary and is being built by the Rafiqul Islam Welfare Trust.

  • The mosque is a square building with four minarets at each corner. The central dome is 81 feet high and is surrounded by 200 smaller domes.

  • The exterior of the mosque is made of white marble and sandstone.  The mosque also has a library, a museum, and a research center.

  • The 201 dome mosque is a significant landmark in Bangladesh. It is a symbol of the Islamic faith and the strength of the Bangladeshi people. The mosque has also become a renowned and sought-after tourist destination.

201 dome Mosque Complex:

Spread across a sprawling 15 bighas of land, the mosque and its complex stand as a magnificent structure. In addition to its grandeur, several thoughtful amenities have been incorporated into the design. Adjacent to the Mihrab, a freezer will be constructed to facilitate the storage of deceased bodies. Furthermore, a separate building will be erected next to the mosque, housing various facilities such as a free hospital for destitute women, an orphanage, an old age home, rehabilitation services for impoverished freedom fighters and their families, a library, and a religious research center dedicated to the study of the Quran and Sunnah. Additionally, technical and IT training programs will be offered to unemployed youth.

Notably, the mosque has garnered attention from both local and international tourists who are eager to witness its captivating beauty. Specially designed floor tiles ensure a comfortable experience as they absorb external temperatures, keeping the floors cool. A modern lighting system illuminates the premises. Tourists can leisurely explore and appreciate the mosque’s aesthetic allure, knowing they are in a protected environment.


An expansive helipad has been built on an 18 bighas area surrounding the mosque, offering convenient aerial access. Furthermore, ample space has been allocated for car parking, eliminating any concerns about parking vehicles on village roads. These thoughtful provisions have transformed the mosque into a bustling tourist hub, attracting visitors from all walks of life.

201 Dome Mosque Map:


How to get to 201 Dome Mosque in Bangladesh

By car: The mosque is located in South Pathalia village, Nagda Simla Union, Gopalpur Upazila, Tangail District. The distance from Dhaka is about 140 kilometers. The best way to get to the mosque by car is to take the Dhaka-Tangail highway. Once you reach Tangail, follow the signs for Gopalpur Upazila. you can take a rickshaw or CNG to the 201 dome mosque.

By train: There are a number of trains that travel from Dhaka to Tangail. Once you arrive in Tangail, you can take a CNG or taxi to the mosque.

By bus: There are a number of buses that travel from Dhaka to Tangail. Once you arrive in Tangail, To reach Gopalpur Upazila and visit the 201 Gumbuj Mosque, you can conveniently travel from Tangail by bus or CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) vehicle. Upon arriving at Gopalpur Upazila, you have the option to rent an auto-rickshaw or CNG vehicle, making it easy to reach the remarkable 201 Gumbuj Mosque.

How to get to 201 Dome Mosque from any country

To visit the 201 Gumbuj Mosque, regardless of the country you are coming from, you will need to arrive at “Shahjalal International Airport, Uttara” in Dhaka, Bangladesh. From the airport, you can reach Tangail by car via the Dhaka-Tangail highway. Once in Tangail, you have the option to travel to Gopalpur by fast bus from Tangail Sadar or take a train from Dhaka to Tangail. From Gopalpur, you can follow the aforementioned directions to reach the mosque.


Tangail can be easily reached from Dhaka or nearby districts within a day, allowing for a return trip during the same day. However, if you wish to extend your stay overnight, Tangail and Elenga offer a range of excellent hotels and resorts. Some notable options include Water Garden Resort, Yamuna Resort, Elenga Resort, Elenga Resort Limited, VIP Hotel, and Hotel Prince. Additionally, for those seeking accommodation in the neighboring upazila of Dhanbari, the Nawab Palace provides a comfortable stay. Other lodging options are also available in Madhupur and Ghatail, ensuring a variety of choices to suit different preferences.

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Here are some things to keep in mind when visiting the 201 Dome Mosque:

  • Dress modestly: The mosque is a religious place, so it is important to dress modestly. Men should wear long pants and shirts, and women should wear long skirts or dresses that cover their knees.
  • Be respectful: The mosque is a place of worship, so it is important to be respectful of the other worshippers. Speak quietly and do not make any loud noises.
  • Take your time: The mosque is a large and impressive building, so take your time to explore it. There are many different things to see and do at the mosque.

The 201 Dome Mosque is a must-see destination for any traveler visiting the area. Its unique architecture and peaceful atmosphere make it a truly special place. With a little bit of planning, you can make the most of your visit and take in all that this beautiful mosque has to offer.

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