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Niagara Falls is a natural wonder that never fails to awe us among many other marvels in the world. As the largest waterfall globally, it is located approximately 20,000 kilometers away from Bangladesh. It’s a universally renowned destination that hardly goes unrecognized, drawing in countless travel enthusiasts eager to explore the beauty of nature. Anyone who goes here can think that the sky is breaking and all the rain in the world is falling down the stairs in the form of monsters. Just as the ‘Statue of Liberty’ is a symbol of the United States of America today, before October 28, 1886, Niagara was the main attraction here. Today’s article  arranged with some interesting and surprising facts about Niagara Falls.

Where is Niagara Falls located?

Niagara Falls  located on the international border between New York, USA and Ontario, Canada. Reaching this waterfall is very easy as it is well connected by air, road and rail transport. The closest airports are the Buffalo Niagara International Airport in Buffalo, New York, USA and the Lester B. Pearson International Airport in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. in Ontario, Canada. Pearson International Airport. Niagara Falls, located in Ontario, Canada, is located 128 km from Toronto.

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Origin of Niagara (Niagara Falls Attractions)

The word Niagara iderived from the word Onguiaahra which means thundering sound of water. It  estimated that this waterfall was first identified about ten thousand nine hundred years ago.Native Americans were probably the first people to visit the falls. Although the first European to mention this waterfall in written form was ‘Father Louis Hennepin’.The most potent waterfall in North America was described in “A New Discovery,” a book written by a French priest. One third of Niagara Falls is in America. Its name is ‘American Falls’.

The remaining two parts are in Canada. Which is called ‘Canadian Falls’. It boasts a shape resembling that of a horse’s hoof, curved and elegant. The waterfall is basically a combination of three waterfalls. The name of the largest waterfall is Horseshoe Falls or Canada Falls. It plunges from a height of about 167 feet with a stream of water 2600 feet wide. It  said that about 90% of the water of Niagara Falls falls through this falls. The next falls  called American Falls. Bridal Veil Falls is another waterfall in the vicinity, measuring approximately 70 feet in height and 1600 feet in width.

History of Niagara (Niagara Falls Attractions)

The origin story of Niagara Falls proves to be quite intriguing, as the Niagara River itself dates back approximately 1200 years.
Earlier, 1800 years ago, about 2 to 3 km of ice covered southern Ontario. Over time, the ice began to melt as a result of regular tropical changes. And a lot of water accumulates in the Great Lakes basin and the water coming from Lake Erie, Niagara River and Lake Ontario forms this huge waterfall.

Surprises at Niagara Gardens

Just as your chest trembles with fear when you look at the waterfall, you cannot ignore its enchanting charm. It is this attraction that draws adventure lovers to an irresistible desire to touch or walk over Niagara. In approximately October 1829, a daring adventurer by the name of ‘Sampech’ took the plunge into Niagara Falls. Amazingly, this gentleman survived the jump.

Sam’s strange behavior made many more adventurous. Some have crossed the terrifying waterfall by walking on a rope, some have filled themselves in a barrel and floated in the turbulent current of the waterfall, the barrel has fallen from a height of 167 feet. They were called ‘fannambulists’.

From 1859 to 1896, crossing the Niagara by such means became an addiction in the United States and Canada. The game discontinued a few years after the American Civil War.

One of the sources of energy is (Niagara Falls Attractions)

Not only for beauty, the water flow of Niagara is used to generate electricity in hydroelectric power station. Every minute of the day, Niagara Falls releases more than 60 million cubic feet of water. With an average volume of 40 lakh cubic feet, Niagara constitutes a significant source of hydroelectric power for both New York and Ontario.

Niagara’s current is higher than other falls. A large amount of electricity is also produced every year by harnessing the flow of Niagara Falls. The sound of the stream at Niagara Falls is so loud that no other sound reaches the ear because of the sound of the stream.

Source of immense beauty (Niagara Falls Attractions)

In America, the waterfall  viewed from behind. Canada iviewed directly from the front, resulting in the best view of the entire falls. You don’t have to look at the sky to see the rainbow here. The rainbow catches itself in the water of the waterfall very close to the eyes of the fascinated tourists.

At what point in time did the waterfall freeze and transform into ice?

During the polar vortex in 2014, Niagara Falls experienced partial freezing. In addition, in March 1848, Niagara Falls was closed due to ice and no water fell for 40 hours. As a result, the wheels of hydropower factories were stopped, many factories were closed due to lack of electricity.

World Famous Tourist Areas

Niagara Falls is a famous tourist destination in America. It is a very beautiful waterfall for tourists. Originally, it became popular with tourists as a tourist area since the 18th century. About 30 million tourists visit here every year. Spring and summer are the best time to visit this beautiful and lively waterfall.

Along with the waterfall, tourists can also visit the Butterfly Reserve, which houses more than 2,000 species of butterflies. Tourists can also visit Aquarium of Niagara, Niagara Science Museum, Whirlpool State Park, Devil’s Hole State Park, Niagara Adventure Theater and Hyde Park.
Niagara Falls is an incredible creation of nature. Every second, a staggering 64,750 cubic feet of water cascades into the river from this 167-feet-tall waterfall.The boat named ‘Made of the Mist’ is always waiting at the falls to take tourists closer to the immense beauty of Niagara. Here, the roar of falling water from the falls is like sweet music to the ears. All in all, the waterfall is a treasure trove of wonder and thrill.