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The Padma Bridge is a multipurpose road and Train bridge built over the Padma River in Bangladesh which has recently become a tourist place. To know in detail about the Padma Bridge in Bangladesh and how to visit and what places to see and what beauty to enjoy, read our important articles in this post. If you are a travel lover or planning a trip, having a clear idea about the Padma Bridge is essential.

Padma bridge in Bangladesh tour
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The Padma Bridge

Padma Bridge is one of the most beautiful and interesting places in Bangladesh. It is one of the tourist centers of the country. Located in Shariatpur and Madaripur districts along with Laujong in Munshiganj, the Padma Bridge is a milestone in Bengali history. The Padma Bridge is no longer a Bengali dream.

The Padma Bridge is now the glorious golden pride of Bengalis. This Padma Bridge once again told the world that Bengalis cannot be kept silent. Among the mega projects of the government, the Padma multipurpose bridge construction project is the biggest challenging project of the Sheikh Hasina government. Bengali existence, struggle for survival was mixed with this project.

‘The Padma Bridge’ Opening:

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina officially inaugurated the bridge on June 25, 2022. It was opened for public use from the next day. The Prime Minister of Bangladesh unveiled the commemorative postage stamp on the occasion of the inauguration. Bangladesh Air Force fighter jets and fighter helicopters performed aerobatic displays and flypast at the inaugural ceremony.

Governments and ambassadors of many countries of the world including Pakistan, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, China, Russia, Denmark have sent congratulatory messages on the occasion of the inauguration of the bridge. Also, the resident representative of the World Bank present at the opening ceremony also congratulated the Government of Bangladesh.

The Padma Bridge in Bangladesh Construction:

‘The Padma Bridge construction project’ consider to be the most challenging construction in the history of Bangladesh. The two-story steel and concrete truss bridge consists of-

  • The Padma Bridge has a total length of 6.15 km and a width of 18.10 km.
  • The Padma Bridge has 42 pillars, 41 spans, each span is 150.12 meters long and 22.5 meters wide.
  • A four-lane carriageway at the upper level.
  • A single car driveway on the lower level.
  • It is the Longest bridge over Padma river in terms of both number of spans and total length and deepest piled bridge in the world.
  • It is 120 meters deep.
  • 12 km river bridge and 14 km road have been connected by construction of Padma Bridge.

The Padma Bridge in Bangladesh Construction Cost:

The Padma bridge taka has spent to build 30 thousand 193 crore 39 lakh. There are two ways to calculate the return on this huge investment. One is to consider the increase in Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the other is to increase direct costs by charging fixed rates of tolls to various vehicles crossing the bridge. These costs include construction of bridge infrastructure, river management, connecting roads, land acquisition, rehabilitation and environment, salaries and allowances etc.

The Padma Bridge Economic Importance:

The Padma Multipurpose Bridge provides a direct link between the central and southwestern parts of Bangladesh. Padma Bridge will contribute significantly to social, economic and industrial development. The project will directly benefit more than 3 crore people covering 29% of the total area of Bangladesh. It will contribute significantly to Bangladesh’s transport network and regional economic development. Bangladesh’s GDP expected to increase by up to 1.2 percent for the Padma Bridge.

Padma Bridge tolls and revenue:

On 28 April 2022, the Ministry of Bridges proposed the toll rate for the Padma Bridge and sent it to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for approval. On May 17, the Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges issued a notification fixing different toll rates for different types of transport.
It estimated that in 2022, 21,300 vehicles will pass through this bridge in 23 districts of Bangladesh every day, which will increase to 41,600 by 2025. It will take 9 and a half years to cover the cost of the bridge with the toll revenue from all of them. According to the World Bank, the daily Yugantar newspaper said that in the next 31 years, the income from the Padma bridge will 18.5 billion dollars (5.5 times the construction cost) in the communication sector. It will add $25 billion to social progress and the economy. The Bangladesh Bridge Authority said that most of the money collected from the tolls will be used to repay the debt and the remaining money will maintain the bridge.

The Padma Bridge Map:

Important information of the Padma Bridge

  • The full name of Padma Bridge is Padma Multi-purpose Bridge
  • The bridge was inaugurated on June 25, 2022
  • Inaugurated by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina
  • Construction company-China Major Bridge Engineering Construction Company Limited
  • Designed by American multinational engineering firm AECOM
  • Land has been acquired – 918 hectares
  • Construction cost – 30 thousand crore rupees
  • Padma Bridge is 6.15 km (20,180 ft) in length. Width 18.10 m (59.4 ft).
  • Construction started on November 26, 2014
  • Construction completed-23 June 2022
  • There are total 42 pillars of the bridge
  • Span number-41
  • How many viaduct pillars – 81
  • Distance of connecting road-14 km
  • The connecting road is at Jazira and Mawa ends
  • Earthquake Tolerance Magnitude – 9 (on Richter Scale)
  • The duration of the bridge is about 100 years

The Padma Bridge Travel Tips:

  • If you want to visit the Padma Bridge face-to-face, you can visit Mawa Ghat, which is only 33 km from the capital Dhaka.
  • The Padma Bridge can be an ideal travel spot for Dhaka residents.
  • You can go here in a day and come back in the same day.
  • To visit the Padma Bridge, you can go to Mawa end by bus in four ways.
  • People from all over the country throng to see the Padma Bridge, which has recently become a tourist destination.

Finally, you can enjoy the pleasure and satisfaction of mind by visiting the mentioned attractions for Padma Bridge tour. Also, here you will get a complete guide line to travel around the Padma Bridge in a beautiful and easy way.

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