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Doha is the most popular capital city of Qatar located on the coast of the eastern Persian Gulf. It is one of the tourist attractions of modern architecture, beautiful islands, luxurious hotel resorts and museums rich in history. Doha is chosen as the host and venue for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. This city has become quite popular among tourists.

Sights of Doha:

There are many places to visit in Doha, Qatar. you can visit this city well if you take your time. Among the most attractive tourist destinations in Doha are –

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Museum Of Islamic Art (Doha in Qatar):

Designed by I. M. Pei, the architect of the Louvre Pyramid, this limestone architecture is one of the must-see places in Doha. The Museum of Islamic Art is reputed to be the largest collection of Islamic art in the world. It is spread over an area of about 3,77,000 sq.ft. There are three locks displaying some of the most amazing art and fascinating paintings. Among them, there are some special artefacts like ceramics, glass, textile and metal engraving along with antique manuscripts which will surely fascinate the tourists.

 Corniche (Doha in Qatar):

Spread over an area of about 7 km around Doha Bay, this urban area is a popular tourist spot in Qatar. Located on the Doha Corniche Beach, Doha’s annual holidays such as Qatar National Day, National Sports Day and other special days are celebrated here with grandeur. Many tourists from home and abroad come here to spend leisure time. It is crowded with tourists especially in the afternoon on holidays. You can see the attractive and beautiful view of the city from here. Apart from seeing the sea here, many people also love to walk around the green gardens of the Corniche. Walking across the sea especially in summer gives a cool feeling which instantly relieves the tiredness of the body. Boat trips are also available here.

Souk Waqif (Doha in Qatar):

This architecture is a special attraction of Doha. Here many years ago, Bedouins used to buy and sell camel and goat hair on boats or camels. At this time, because of the water, the traders have to stand in their temporary shops and do business with a lot of difficulty. The market was named Arabic ‘Waqif’ as it was used to do business standing. It means to stand. Around the 19th century, this market was improved and some clay and wooden shops were built. A number of beautiful and essential Qatari buildings were also restored. This place is known as the most traditional market place in Doha. Here you can find traditional Qatari clothing, A special cloth called “bukhnak” for women’s head, various spices, perfumes and incense. Some of the shops here are like museums where you can find ancient swords, parts of shipwrecks and various jewels from Arab countries.

The Pearl Qatar:

An artificial island built over an area of about four square kilometers, which looks like a pearl in an open oyster and this is the reason for this name. Various residential hotels, shopping complexes, villas, cafes and restaurants are spread over an area of about two square miles here. It is actually surprising to think that such a beautiful island can build artificially and so tourists come here again and again, fascinate the beauty of this island.  But when you see the boat floating from the middle of this island it will look very beautiful and then you will understand the real beauty of this island. There is a golden opportunity to cruise around on luxury yachts.And one or the other exhibition is going on here throughout the year.

Mahtaf Arab Museum Of Modern Art (Doha in Qatar):

The Museum founded in 2010 based on the contemporary art of Arab countries as well as the creativity of new artists and new projects. Museum knew as an important part of culture in Doha, Qatar. It has paintings by various Arab artists and is almost always visited by tourists.

National Museum (Doha in Qatar):

The recently inaugurated National Museum of Qatar is the second largest museum in Doha. In this museum various images of Qatar’s past, present and possible future are beautifully presented. Tourists come here to see some interesting and beautiful art and other art exhibits. Another important example of Arab culture is the museum, which won the Aga Khan Award in 1980 for its restoration of Islamic architecture. Many types of exhibitions held here at different times of the year. Entry fee is free for Qatari citizens, but entry fee is 246 dirhams for foreigners.

Mia Park (Doha in Qatar):

The park surrounded to locate by greenery next to the Doha waterfront. There are several cafes from where the view of the entire Doha city can appreciate very beautiful, which is mind-blowing. Mia Park has a perfect environment for children to play. There is a market here sometimes during the week. Many tourists come here for picnics on holidays. There are also outdoor movie theatres, important kayaking tours and fitness sessions, which are worth enjoying.

Aspire Park (Doha in Qatar):

A beautiful landscape to visit in Qatar with the whole family. The Aspire Tower of this park creates a special attraction in the minds of tourists. The tower use as a giant torch during the 15th Asian Games. Today this tower has converted into a beautiful hotel.

Banana Island (Doha in Qatar):

In the water of this island, you will see numerous jelly fish and there are many banana trees. The view here is somewhat similar to the islands of the Maldives. An artificially created island is undoubtedly a tourist favorite.

Falcon Souq (Doha in Qatar):

If you want to explore Qatar’s heritage, you can go here. Many hawks sit on the railings here on Thursday evenings, which is refreshing to see. You can find various items made of falcon feathers, such as – beautiful falcon helmets. And most shops here have a good selection of satisfying teas. There is a special hospital for falcons call “Suk Waqif Falcon”. Visit more places like-

  • Khalifa International Tennis and Squash Stadium,
  • Sealine Beach Resort,
  • Islamic Cultural Center,
  • Qatar Cultural Village,
  • Qatar National Library,
  • Barzan Tower,
  • New Salata Park and Tornado Tower.

Where to stay in Doha?

Doha has a number of good quality hotels and hostels to stay in Karachiche, West Bay, The Pearl, Mushreeb area. These are – Qatar Youth Hostel, Private Comfortable Rooms in Doha, Q Hostel, La Villa Palace Hotel, Green Garden Hotel, Corporation Executive Doha Suites, Strato Hotel by Warwick, Victoria Hotel, Copthorne Hotel Doha, La Villa Suites Hotel, The Town Hotel. In Doha you will find many rooms to stay in hotels and hostels. In Doha you will find rooms to stay in hotels and hostels. Again, you will find some good hotels and resorts with many good facilities to stay in Banana Island. Many prefer to live in Banana Island than Doha.

There are several good quality restaurants to eat here. You will find good quality food at Al Banuche Cafeteria, Mra Restaurant and Bakery, Turki Central, Amjad Thai Snacks, Rodigio, Fork Restaurant, Afghan Brothers, Tofu House etc. And among the special dishes of Doha, chicken biryani, masala dosa, salta, mashbus, Akbar Juzeh or saffron chicken, baklava will be very good.

Adani is a special type of tea that you must try. Among the tourist spots, you can visit the Museum of Islamic Art and eat at the ground floor or Idam Cafe. Souq Waqif has many cafes and restaurants that are open almost all day and serve halwa or other sweet treats even when the market closed. Aberda Pearl Qatar offers a variety of food including beach restaurants or cafe coffee. The food at Banana Island Restaurant is also quite interesting. Here is a buffet.

Where and What to buy in Doha?

Here you can shop at Souq Waqif, Doha City Center, the Pearl, Omani Soud, Village Shopping Mall. Find traditional clothes, spices, handicrafts items, bags and souvenirs to shop here.  Pure gold and pearl jewelery is available here. Many people prefer to buy this type of jewelry from Dubai.

Doha map:

Doha Travel Tips in Qatar:

  • Booking the flight tickets in advance will reduce the cost.
  • While you may have to wait a long time at Doha Airport due to transit, you can explore Doha at no cost with the free Doha City Tour by Qatar Airways and Qatar Tourism Board.
  • It hosts the Qatar International Food Festival in March. Visiting Doha in March will be a different experience.
  •  Museum of Islamic Art offers a 40-minute free tour every Thursday at 2pm.
  • Some shops in Souk Waqif close at 1 am and open again at 4 pm. Shop carefully here.
  • Don’t miss the night time beauty of Doha Karnish.
  •  Banana Island waters are full of jelly fish so be careful while swimming

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